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We help to solve business challenges with modern technologies to our clients. We know how to develop successful projects.

Our focus is:

– High-loaded E-commerce systems

– ERP, CRM, SAAS systems
– Single page application

– Mobile-friendly apps
– UI/UX solutions
– BB platforms

– Integration with third-party services

– MVP development for start-ups

We strong at:

– Server side: PHP (Laravel, ModX Revo)

– Client side: Javascript, Angular, Ionic, JQuery, HTML5/CSS3.

– Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL

– Servers: Amazon AWS, Apache, Nginx;

– Version control: Git, bitbucket.org

– Deploy: Capistrano

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Outsourcing to Mexico is rapidly learning to be a popular option for many businesses. It’s difficult in today’s economy to justify hiring a person to handle items like routine paperwork and research, so Mexico outsourcing is an excellent replacement for in-house employees. It is definitely a feasible solution, particularly if you make use of a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) consultant.As a matter of fact, it has been determined a really beneficial business strategy to select Training Outsourcing to assist improve any business’ front liners or manpower. Here are some from the other things you might need to understand how Training Outsourcing really can bring the rewards that your particular company needs:

Blackberry becomes the dominant selection for buying a smartphone of especially of business people and gradually others as well. Its popularity contributes to the gradual continuing development of Blackberry Application and software market. RIM has recently launched Blackberry App World with use of several thousand apps. This application distribution service provides Blackberry users having an environment to browse, download, increase third-party applications.

Facts to Know When Considering Outsourcing Accountants

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